Syscall Transmitter ST-500 2/3 Button Bell in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Syscall Transmitter ST-500 2/3 Button Bell at Best Price in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Syscall Transmitter ST-500 2/3 Button Bell

ST-500 is a two/three button type transmitter that is specifically designed to use at warehouse or manufacturing facility. The Syscall Transmitter ST-500 2/3 Button Bell is a versatile device that serves as an essential component of syscall paging systems in Dubai, UAE.

The external antenna attached to ST-500 improves the wireless range.

In Dubai's retail stores and restaurants, the ST-500 2/3 Button Bell is integrated into calling systems, where the buttons are programmed to cater to specific requirements such as "Customer Assistance," "Order Ready," or "Table Service." This configuration facilitates efficient communication among staff members, resulting in prompt customer service and streamlined operations in restaurant and retail store calling systems in Dubai.

In Dubai's healthcare sector, nurse calling systems in hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities widely incorporate the ST-500 2/3 Button Bell. With programmable buttons assigned to functions like "Nurse Call," "Emergency," or "Assistance Needed," patients can effortlessly alert nursing staff, ensuring a prompt response and improved patient care.

System Map

  • Press the call bell when service is needed.
  • The call bell number will be displayed on the receiver with a sound.
  • The direct pager can receive call directly from the transmitters.


    Number of buttons 2 or 3
    Dimension W48 x L99 x H15m
    Net Weight 60g
    Color White, Orange
    Frequency Range FM 433MHz
    Power Source DC 3V coin battery (CR2025)
    Battery Life Approx. calling 40,000 times
    Antenna Type Helical antenna
    Compatibility All Syscall receivers, direct pager