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Applications and Benefits of Mobile Computers

Mobile computers are the devices that can be adopted into any business environment, as they are small and compact computers that integrate all features to efficiently manage processes within organizations. These devices are very useful in daily activities in a shop, including inventory management, barcode scanning, price checking, stock checking, delivery, and so on. From small-scale businesses to medium- or large-scale businesses, they can easily and efficiently manage each activity and can increase the productivity of each employee if they own a mobile computer. Here, we are going to discuss the various and common applications of mobile computers and how they benefit your business. Read further to learn more.

Applications of Mobile Computers

Here are the different scenarios where an efficient mobile computer works like a real game changer.

Shipping and Receiving

Mobile computers are one of the most useful devices in warehouse management systems. In a warehouse management system, workers have to consistently check incoming materials received and outgoing goods shipped. Each product will contain a barcode, and reading each barcode is a daunting task that should be done without fault. An efficient mobile computer can make the process easier. It will help the WMS identify items that have low stock levels, which reduces the chance of stockouts, increases productivity, and reduces faults in shipping and receiving. In WMS, mobile computers help employees take care of important processes.


Mobile computers are paramount in inventory management. In this era where everyone shops everything online, retailers want to improve their sales and customer experience. Mobile computers are the most suitable device to improve productivity and customer satisfaction in every retail shop, as they are very useful in inventory management processes. Application of mobile computers in a warehouse management system helps in various ways, such as online and offline order management, order picking, price checking, markdowns, etc.

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WIP Traceability

Monitoring the manufacturing process is a necessity for every organization. A mobile computer helps with this through its WIP traceability capacity. Mobile computers help track raw materials, finished products, unfinished products, etc. with accuracy in real time. At each step of manufacturing, from the order input to the inventory counts, the picking of parts, the production line, fulfillment, and the delivery of the finished product, a mobile computer helps in all ways to efficiently manage business with its WIP traceability.

Assisted Sales

Another application for mobile computers is on sale. These devices help retail shop employees interact with customers, letting them answer their questions confidently. It is easy for employees to explain the details of a product to customers with mobile computers, as it will give a complete insight into the product, including product features, instructions on use, etc. Applications of mobile computers in sales not only rely on them, they also help in storing and analyzing data such as stock, items, delivery, pricing, and so on.

Price Check

Frequent price checks are mandatory in every retail store, and they should be accurate and appropriate. Mobile computers help the storekeepers accurately check the price of each item. By scanning the barcodes on each product with the best mobile computers, retail store employees can ensure the displayed price is correct, which enables a smoother price-checking process.

Benefits of Mobile Computers

  • There are no possibilities for errors, as a mobile computer will quickly do the job accurately.
  • A mobile computer can reduce or prevent the waste of resources.
  • Increasing productivity by enhancing and encouraging employees' efficiency
  • Accelerates every industry's working force
  • Data management capability removes the necessity of data entry in manual ways.
  • Resourcing output data to enhance processes inside the organization.
  • From order receiving to delivery, a mobile computer helps track each step.
  • As a mobile computer tracks all processes, it helps the stores increase their product and service quality.
  • The barcode scanning capability of mobile computers helps reduce stockouts and increase business outcomes.
  • Real-time product management, product assessment, invoice printing, etc. simplifies and eases up different processes on a single device.

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