Anti Theft System

Anti Theft System
Anti Theft System
Anti Theft System
Anti Theft System
Anti Theft System
Anti Theft System

#1 Anti Theft System in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE at Best Price

Safeguarding your merchandise is an inevitable step that you should take when you start a shop or enterprise. Securing your merchandise from theft should be considered paramount if you wish to expand your business. Anti-theft systems are the perfect choice to protect your goods from theft and unauthorized access.

Investing in an anti-theft system is not a luxury but a necessity. As the name suggests, the anti-theft system prevents theft by alerting shopkeepers. It works by combining smart sensors and clever technology to prevent theft or unauthorized entries. These systems raise an alarm or notify the user immediately when a theft happens. It also provides important information regarding when, where, and how the deaf took place.

Best Anti-Theft System in Dubai

Posinuae is the leading distributor of Sensormatic anti-theft systems in Dubai, UAE. The extensive industry experience is an advantage for Posinuae to supply top-of-the-line anti-theft systems in UAE. We understand and value the importance of security in your shop, and that’s why we provide you with the best anti-theft system at the best price to keep your merchandise safe all the time. Discover our wide range of Sensormatic anti-theft systems.


EAS stands for Electronic Article Surveillance, which is a comprehensive security system to provide superior security to all kinds of shops/businesses. It consists of 3 main components: security tags/labels, tag/label detachers and antennas placed at exits. The EAS antennas or EAS gates trigger an alarm if someone leaves the shop without deactivating the labels/tags with detacher. EAS systems prevent shoplifting and act as a safeguard for inventories. Sensormatic is the top manufacturer of the best EAS anti-theft system, and Posinuae is the top leading supplier & distributor of Sensormatic EAS systems in Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi, the Middle East, and Africa.


You can protect your merchandise with Sensormatic AM/RF security tags. These tags can be used to prevent the theft of products in retail stores. AM (Acousto-Magnetic) / RF (Radio Frequency) tags are attached to the products to detect theft or if someone leaves the shop without removing or deactivating them. These tags contain a detection system to trigger an alarm when a theft happens. Buy Sensormatic AM/RF security tags in Dubai, UAE at the best price. Posinuae is the #1 supplier of sensormatic anti-theft systems in Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Africa, and the Middle East at an affordable rate.


A hard tag detacher is the tool that is used to remove security tags from products in shops. It has a locking mechanism specifically designed to unlock AM/RF security tags. The hard tag detacher quickly removes security tags, allowing a seamless checkout process and maintaining a safe and secure environment. We supply high-quality sensormatic hard tag detacher at the best price in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE and beyond.


Posinuae provides Sensormatic AM labels and Sensormatic RF labels at the best price. These labels are powerful and capable of preventing shoplifting or theft. They are affixed to products in the shop and contain a detection system to raise an alarm if someone leaves the shop without removing or deactivating them. Keep your premises safe and do not let thieves have their way with the best Sensormatic AM/RF labels in Dubai, UAE, from Posinuae.


Label deactivators are used to remove or deactivate labels attached to the goods at the point of sale. During the time of billing, the cashier or store associate deactivates labels affixed to the products. These label deactivators have a vital role in securing goods in a shop. Posinuae is the right place to buy Sensormatic label deactivators in Dubai, UAE, because we are the authorized supplier of Sensormatic anti-theft system in UAE.

We have a team to assist you in choosing the best anti-theft system in Dubai for your business. Contact us today.