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Chemical Industrial Labels in Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE best price

Aside from enabling very flexible orders for labels, our superior printing technology also enables high-quality label production. We provide our customers with variable data printing, high responsiveness, and expedited deliveries, making it simpler for them to position their items on the market in a dynamic way. Posinuae is the leading supplier of Chemical Industrial Lables across Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi, the Middle East & Africa.

Printing Solutions

As representatives for printer manufacturers like Zebra, Toshiba, TSC, OKI, Epson, and Neuralabel, we can evaluate your needs and offer a solution that lives up to them.Even some commercial gains could come from collaborating with similar businesses on chemical labelling efforts.

Drum & IBC Labelling

The materials used for drum labels must be top-coated to protect them from the harsh environments to which drums are subjected. You may have these labels made in any size and form using a die.In order to stick to the rough surface of the drum during shipment and in extremely hot or cold situations, the drum label adhesive should be permanent. It is crucial to be aware of the potential temperatures to which your drums may be exposed. This will enable the label maker to suggest the ideal adhesive.

Keg & Container Labels

The packaging comes in a range of shapes and sizes ranging from 5 to 25 litres, and the size of the packaging indicates the size of label required in accordance with CLP and GHS requirements. One printer may be able to print labels for various packing sizes since thermal transfer, inkjet, and laser printers can print labels in a range of sizes. Posinuae is the leading supplier of Key & Container Lables across Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi, the Middle East & Africa.

Smaller Package Labelling

Smaller packaging, lab labelling, and bottle labelling are services we offer. Whether you require a straightforward GHS label or a fully printed product branding label for retail locations, Posinuae delivers a range of sizes to suit your needs.Thermal transfer printers can be used to overprint variable data onto pre-printed forms, and plain labels can be provided for use with our Epson and OKI colour solutions.While Epson printers are ideal for retail-ready packaging, the OKI C650 is ideal for full-color sheet printing.

Pre-Printed Diamonds

If you require them, we may order moderate quantities of transport warning diamonds from our online store. Please get in touch with us if you need more than 5,000 copies so we can provide you with a quote.We would be happy to walk you through how to do this with our technical staff.Our combination label reduces the possibility of human error and removes the need for multiple labels on a single piece of packaging. Posinuae is the leading supplier of Pre-Printed Diamonds across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, the Middle East & Africa