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Metal Industrial Labels in Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE the best price

Metal labels are renowned for being strong and long-lasting options for labeling valuable machinery and assets. Metal labels are the best option for meeting all of the exacting item marking demands and needs, especially in highly regulated industries like aerospace and defense. If you prepare ahead, selecting a metal label or tag can be simple. Always keep your company's assets, applications, working environment, and label materials in mind when buying new metal labels. Every kind of label is created to satisfy particular application needs. The required label number must also be taken into account, as more robust and specialized metal labels may cost more per unit but have a longer estimated lifespan. We supply 5 different types of metal labels they are: Tear Resistant & Rip-Proof Tags, Heat Resistant & High-Temperature Labels & Tags, Self-Adhesive Labels, Print Solutions, Fixings & Attachments.

Tear Resistant & Rip-Proof Tags

In-process, inventory, and shipping tags of the highest caliber are used to mark steel coils and bundles. Thermal transfer printers can be used to print tags as needed, including 4-color printing, and according to your specifications. Tags are included with the suggested print ribbon for your printer's best print results. Posinuae supplies the best Tear Resistant & Rip-Proof Tags across UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, the Middle East & Africa.

Heat Resistant & High-Temperature Labels & Tags

A useful industrial automation management tool, Heat Proof Labels are made to endure high temperatures and guarantee quality control and reliable product traceability. Heat Proof Labels eliminated all forms of Identity Loss and reduced the possibility of a mismatch when identifying a product. After the metal product is manufactured, our heatproof labels may be posted online and the item can be given a bar code identification.

Self-Adhesive Labels

With self-adhesive labels, you may avoid the inconvenient and expensive hand gluing and pasting of the labels. The labels are simple to remove. They peel and stick back, making them the most widely used type of labelling on the market. They are employed in many different industries, including the apparel, electronics, woodworking, and retail sectors since they not only serve to identify the goods they are used on but also serve as a well-liked marketing strategy.

Print Solutions

You may start printing labels quickly and easily using comprehensive printing options. This contains a range of printer models, a choice of premium ribbons, scanners, empty cores, and ribbons. Additionally, we provide pre-assembled printing kits that come with a thermal printer, your choice of labels, a resin ribbon, barcoding software, and a barcode scanner.

Fixings & Attachments

By keeping things organized, you can maintain your work on track and experience less frustration. To help you keep your tools, supplies, and spaces organized, Posinuae offers a variety of labeling tools and accessories. Shop online or get in touch with us right now for a personalized estimate. Our knowledgeable sales staff is here to assist you.