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Sunmi V Series: Best Android POS System for Your Business

SUNMI is the leading brand that provides top-notch POS systems to help you manage and operate your business smoothly and efficiently. For many years, SUNMI has offered the best-quality and most reliable mobile POS terminals, which are applicable to various industrial sectors such as retail, restaurant, logistics, manufacturing, etc., to accelerate business by transforming and simplifying operations inside and outside the organizations digitally.

The V series is a sleek and powerful mobile POS system from SUNMI. Sunmi V2, Sunmi V2s, and Sunmi V2 Pro are the main models of the Sunmi V series android POS system. These products help businesses streamline the entire process of printing barcodes, labels, receipts, and barcode scanning and thus fulfill all the requirements of the shop, including check-out, payment, ordering, order receiving, and management. Let's just look into which POS system suits your business.

Are you planning to buy a Point of Sale (POS) system for your business? Here is a perfect guide to choosing the best POS system.

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Across various industries, every business needs a Sunmi V2 POS machine if they wish for sustained growth. Sunmi V2 has cutting-edge mechanisms to make it powerful and efficient in streamlining business operations in every enterprise. Sunmi V2 is a top-quality Android POS system from the Sunmi V series mobile POS system. It is an affordable and adaptable POS machine that will revolutionize your business.


The Sunmi V2 POS machine is a great option to go for if you are searching for a convenient and cost-effective Sunmi POS machine in the UAE. This POS system features a number of qualities to consider when buying. Sunmi V2 has a user-friendly design and quality display to show important information with precision and error-free accuracy. 4G connectivity enables you to stay connected at any time and anywhere.

  • 70mm/s Seiko Printer
  • 95 dB Speaker
  • Double Space for Till Roll
  • 5.0MP Camera, Flash, AF
  • 8GB ROM +1GB RAM
  • 5.45" IPS Display
  • 7.6V Li-Polymer Battery
  • 4G & Wi-Fi
  • Sleek 17.8mm Body Thickness
  • Support rolls of 58mm width, 50mm OD to double the capacity
Usage & Benefits

Sunmi V2 benefits businesses with its advanced features and thus enhances their growth. Let’s look at some of the benefits.

  • Efficient and accurate bill printing
  • Safe and secure mobile payments
  • Easy and seamless order management
  • Simplifying takeaways
  • Edit items before accepting an order
  • Reducing waiting time and thus queues
  • Supports marketing management

SUNMI V2 POS terminal can be used in various industries. It is very user-friendly and helps the user manage processes inside and outside of the organization simply and effectively.

  • Basic retail stores such as small shops, convenience stores, bakeries, cafes, and gift shops
  • Mobile businesses like food trucks, pop-up shops, farmers markets, and market stalls
  • Quick-service restaurants like bars, fast food chains, coffee shops, and kiosks
  • Salons and spas, including barber shops, hair salons, nail salons, and massage parlors


Restaurants, retail stores, or entertainments, be it any kind of business, Sunmi V2s POS terminal is a great option you can go for. It is an innovative, reliable, and top-notch Android POS machine that offers smooth business operations. Sunmi V2s simplifies your job and enables you to focus on what matters most. It is very comfortable to handle and beneficial to use. This Android POS system is one of the top POS machines to help your business in Dubai.


Sunmi V2s is the smart POS system to support you in all aspects of your business. It has a long battery life to ensure continuous usage throughout the day. Specially customized Sunmi OS, ke publicity to print both received and label, and a 2D scan engine for barcode reading make Sunmi V2s a unique Sunmi POS system.

  • SUNMI Operation System for better performance
  • Dual printing for ticket and label printing
  • Supports NFC for streamlining the payment process
  • High-capacity battery: detachable 3500mAh battery
  • 2D scan engine to read 1D/2D barcodes
  • Rubber-sealed protection against water, oil, and dirt
  • Memory Configurations: 16GB ROM+2GB RAM, 8GB ROM+1GB RAM
  • Front camera for face recognition or scan to pay
  • Upgraded anti-drop protection to resist 1.2m drop upgraded from 1.0m.

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