Sensormatic Floor Loop System in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Sensormatic Floor Loop System at Best Price in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Sensormatic Floor Loop System

If you wish to bring utmost security to your shop by maintaining the real aesthetics, you can go for Synergy 8.6m Concealed Floor System (Sensormatic Floor Loop System). For established retail setups, the Synergy 8.6m Concealed Floor System (Sensormatic Floor Loop System) is an excellent choice. The installation just requires floor cuts in concrete where the antenna cabling is put. Once secured, flooring material is put on the antenna. The Synergy 8.6m Concealed Floor System (Sensormatic Floor Loop System) is designed for pre-construction installation. Its design shields detection antennae from potential interference if metal or rebar is located beneath the subfloor.

The Sensormatic Synergy 8.6m Concealed Floor System provides superior but discrete AcoustoMagnetic (AM) EAS protection for large retail spaces. This system protects exits up to 8.6 m (28.5 ft) and has a vertical detection zone of up to 1.2 m (4 ft), sending an audible alert to store staff if protected items pass across the detection zone. Buy Sensormatic Floor Loop System in Dubai, UAE at the best price from Posinuae, which is the leading supplier of anti-theft systems in UAE.


Length 47.5cm (1.55ft)
Width 37.8cm (1.24ft)
Depth 8.5cm (3.3in)
Weight 2.4kg (5.25lbs)
Operating Frequency 58kHz (±200Hz), (sync pulse 56kHz
Transmit Burst Duration 1.6ms
Primary Power Fuse 3.15A, 250V, slo-blow, hi-breaking
Benefits of Sensormatic Ultra 1.8 m Pedestal System
  • Help drive incremental sales and improve conversion rates
  • Helps reduce unintended alarms triggered by shoppers carrying protected merchandise near the exit
  • Enhances loss prevention efforts
  • Suitable for any retail sites, from small businesses to large businesses
  • Helps reduce shrink in stores
Product Compatibility
  • Sensormatic AM Sensors
  • Synergy Pedestals
  • Pro-Max
  • Door-Max
  • Ranger Receivers
  • Satellite Receivers
  • Amorphous Core Receiver
  • 3D Overhead Traffic Counting Sensor
  • Wireless Device Manager
  • Wireless Module
  • Shrink Management as a Service (SMaaS)

Features & Benefits of Them

Features Benefits
Exceptional protection for wider exits Maximize flow and optimize floor space
Network connected store-front alarms and Traffic Intelligence Enhances loss prevention efforts and increases shopper visibility
AMS3030-A/AL antenna Eliminates costly, large scale excavations
Tags-too-Close Enhances the shopper experience and maximizes storefront floor space
Jammer device Helps reduce shrink by notifying staff with a distinct audible alarm