SENSORMATIC - HANDHELD DETACHER at Best Price in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE


The Sensormatic Antitheft Handheld Detacher is ergonomically designed to comfortably and easily remove Tags at the point-of-sale. This detacher provides a lightweight and portable detacher solution. It features a symmetrical handle/trigger design that accommodates both left- and right-handed users and includes a top-mounted tag “nest” that allows easy operation with either hand.The tough, molded construction makes it rugged and user-friendly — without sacrificing durability.

Key Features : Ambidextrous design allows for quick and easy operation with either hand. Rugged construction helps ensure reliable operation in spite of everyday drops and bumps. No electric power or batteries needed for operation in any environment. Integrated lanyard helps prevent unauthorized use and prevents removal from the store.

Dimensions Length 19.56cm (7.7in) Width 7.43cm (2.9in) Depth 10.86cm (4.2in) Weight 0.36kg (12.77oz)

This innovative handheld device is designed to enhance the retail experience by providing quick and seamless tag removal, ensuring a smooth checkout process for customers and improved operational efficiency for store staff.Equipped with advanced anti-theft detection capabilities, the Handheld Detacher ensures accurate and reliable tag removal while minimizing false alarms. This versatile device is compatible with various types of security tags, including both RF (Radio Frequency) and AM (Acousto-Magnetic) tags, making it suitable for a wide range of retail environments.