Pencil Tag with Lanyard in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Pencil Tag with Lanyard at Best Price in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Pencil Tag with Lanyard

A pencil tag with a lanyard is a tool that can be adapted to your business to safeguard the products in the shop. This tag can be attached to the merchandise and detached at the point of sale. The lanyard allows buyers to conveniently handle the item while keeping it secure. The steel pin is intended to be put into a seam or another inconspicuous location on the item. The tag is activated at the checkout counter and will sound an alarm if it is not deactivated before exiting the store. This helps to avoid theft and shoplifting at your shop.


Usage/Application SECURITY PURPOSE
Material ABS
Color Gray
Packaging Type BOX
Where to Use Pencil Tag with Lanyard
  • Delicate garments, undergarments, etc
  • Accessories
  • Footwears
  • Bags, purses, and backpacks
  • Electronics and small appliances
  • Seasonal items like hats, scarves, swimsuits, etc.

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