QuickScan QW2120 in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

QuickScan QW2120 at Best Price in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

QuickScan QW2120

The QD2100 and QW2100 linear imagers are part of the QuickScan 2100 family's corded variants, whilst the QBT2100 and QM2100 linear imagers are the components of the 2100 cordless scanners.

The QuickScan 2100 linear imagers are diminutive, light-weight, and ergonomically created for ease of use. They provide quick reading performance on the majority of 1D barcodes and have an extended scanning line and wide scanning angle, making them ideal for reading longer, wider barcodes like those used by manufacturers of electrical equipment and commonly found on utility bills. Users are able to scan at wide angles without needing to increase the scanning distance because the scanning line is also narrower and brighter.
Along with the fully functional QD2100 scanner, the 2100 corded version also incorporates the QW2100 imager used specifically for