Cassida 5520 UVMG in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Cassida 5520 UVMG at Best Price in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Cassida 5520 UVMG

The Cassida 5520 Bill Counter with ValuCount™ provides advanced, business-grade currency counting and counterfeit detection that's also easy to use! With Cassida's exclusive ValuCount™ feature, simply select the single denomination to be counted and the 5520 will provide a total monetary value count for the cash in addition to a bill count! Pair it with the Add function to keep a running total of all denominations counted for fast and easy till counts. The 5520 also includes Count, Batch and Add + Batch modes to handle any money counting needs.


Grade: Business
Models Available: UV, UV/MG ?
Bill Loading Style: Back Loader
Counting Speed: 1,300 Bills per Minute
Capacity: Hopper: 100 Bills Stacker: 100 Bills
Operational Modes: Count, Batch, Add, Add+Batch
Display Type: LED
Dimensions W*H*D: 175*240*295 mm / 6.9*9.5*11.7"
Weight: 5 kgs / 11.1 lbs