Solt Transmitter SB-5 in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Solt Transmitter SB-5 at Best Price in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Solt Transmitter SB-5

Familiar and Glossy
The Solt Transmitter SB-5 features a sleek and lightweight construction, while its body is resistant to pressure, making it highly durable and scratch-resistant. Additionally, it promotes environmental sustainability by utilizing 100% recyclable materials. When the button is pressed, an LED indicator located at the top provides visual feedback to the user, confirming the successful press. Its design, which effectively safeguards against moisture and dust, allows for versatile usage in both indoor and outdoor settings.SOLT buttons prioritize service excellence, boost revenue, and prioritize guest satisfaction. These buttons seamlessly blend with the surroundings, sitting subtly and inconspicuously to maintain the aesthetic appeal.

SB5 will fit in every situation and will meet even the most stringent requirements.

  • 400 Mhz Frequency
  • TI CPU PCB Antenna
  • FSK/ 360° Omnidirectional Transmission
  • Eco Energy 1 CR2032 coin cell
  • 58.12,6 mm / 20 gr
  • Available colours: White / Black / Brown
  • No coating/printing

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