GROCERY POS SOFTWARE at Best Price in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE


LithosPOS gives you everything you need to please your customers, as well as make selling to them and retargeting them with reward points, easier. Lithos POS provides real-time visibility into the patterns and data that drive your business.

Hardware support

LithosPOS provides everything you need to gratify your customers while also making selling to them and retargeting them with reward points easier and helpful. Lithos POS allows you to see the trends and data that drive your business in real time.

Choose from leading integrated payments

Lithos POS allows you to choose from a number of integrated payment options in different countries, or you may set up any payment source as a manual payment provider.

Breakthrough apps for businesses that are going places

Maintain your profit summary and company reports when on the go, at the workplace, or at home. Our mobile Dashboard apps work on PCs, Macs, iOS, and Android devices. You can be confident that you're always in compliance, whether it's with data entry, reconciliation, reporting, accounting, or tax.


Analytics Reports Customize your reports to know how your store is performing, what products are selling the most, and find out who your top salesman is, and help you identify problems that need your attention.
Manage Your Customers Lithos POS offers more efficient future service for customers by keeping records of their information. It helps to be in touch with your customers through mails and text messages.
Manage your business remotely Lithos POS help you to Manage your business from anywhere with the help of a smartphone or tablets. track sales, stock, purchase and all the business activities in realtime.
Hardware Compatibility Lithos POS is compatible with all standard point of sale devices, printers, cash drawers and barcode scanners etc. It is compatible with android phones, tablets, macBook, iPad and iPad Mini etc.